Heropanti 2 movie

Heropanti 2 movie heropanti movie download review

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Heropanti 2 movie heropanti movie download review

Movie Information

Imbd Ratings : 9.25

movie name :Heropanti 2 movie

Storyline: director:Ali Faizan


Heropanti 2 movie Cast:

  • Tiger Shroff as Babloo Ranawat / RJ
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laila
  • Tara Sutaria as Inaaya
  • Zakir Hussain as Azaad Khan
  • Amrita Singh as Hema, Babloo’s mother
  • Naresh Gosain as Dogra
  • Kecha as Wong
  • Oliver as Zahid Malik
  • Vikas Verma as Ustad
  • Udayabhanu Maheshwaran as Hussain
  • Mark Smith as Mark
  • Sajjad Delafrooz as Ranjit Shenoy
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla as Babloo’s Friend
  • Kanwalpreet Singh as Babloo’s Friend
  • Nikul Bhupinder Singh Sachdev as Babloo’s Friend
  • Pankaj Kansara as Babloo’s Friend
  • Navneet Malik as Inaaya’s Boyfriend

Heropanti 2 movie  review


Heropanti 2( transl. Heroic capers 2) is a 2022 Indian Hindi- language action film( 4)( 5) directed by Ahmed Khan, written by Rajat Arora, and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. The film serves as a effect to the 2014 film Heropanti.( 6) It stars Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Tara Sutaria. It was released on 29 April 2022.tiger shroff heropanti

RJ is an innocent youthful man who lives with his mama Hema in Yorkshire and works as a bouncer in a bar. RJ leaves for a job interview where Inaaya, a tone- made millionaire from the gaming assiduity, sees RJ and alleges that he’s herex-boyfriend Babloo Ranawat.

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RJ makes it clear that he does not know her at all. Still, Inaaya’s dubitation turns out to be true. Babloo was an ignominious hacker signed by CBI officer Azaad Khan, who offers him a handsome price to help them in baffling the plans of Laila, who’s a psychopatic magician andcyber-criminal. Laila has designed an app which steals the data of the druggies and also usurps the plutocrat from their bank accounts.tiger shroff heropanti


Babloo infiltrates Laila’s gang by inviting Laila’s family Inaaya and begins into getting a good print of Laila and also gets allured by the plutocrat offered by him and betrays Azaad, but soon realizes that the ultimate is achieving to destroy lives when he meets an ambulance motorist’s woman Hema where he learns that her hubby had saved plutocrat for his grandson’s education and their dreams, but learns that their bank account had been addressed and the plutocrat went missing. Due to this, the motorist committed self-murder.

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Due to guilt, Babloo rejoins Azaad and subdues the henchmen and destroys the app’s sale. He fakes his identity as RJ and leaves to start a new life along with his espoused mama Hema.tiger shroff heropanti

In the present day, Laila learns that Babloo is hiding in Yorkshire and sends his men to nab him, but Babloo subdues them and fakes his death again. Babloo reveals to Inaaya about Laila’s crimes, who joins him in the fight. Babloo leaves for Egypt, Russia and China where Laila had established his crime syndicate and kills the syndicate members.

heropantimovie tiger shorf (2)

Babloo and Inaaya leaves for Heathrow Airport to admit Hema( Hema had left Bablu to visit Kedar Ghat, India). Laila orders his henchmen to kidnap Babloo’s mama and Laila challenges Babloo to stop the birth of plutocrat by throwing colorful challenges. Babloo overcomes colorful challenges where he defeats Laila and stops the birth and leaves with Inaaya and Hema. Lowered by the defeat, Laila commits self-murder. 6 months latterly, Babloo, Inaaya, and Babloo’s mama are living in Vietnam where a charge awaits Babloo.tiger shroff heropanti

Box Office of Heropanti 2 movie

Heropanti 2 movie earned ₹6.50 crore at the domestic box office on its opening day. On the alternate day, the film collected ₹5.50 crore. On the third day, the film collected ₹ 4 crores, taking a total domestic weekend collection to ₹ 16 crores.( 3)

As of 12 May 2022 the film had a gross collection of ₹29.11 crores in India and ₹6.02 crore overseas, for a worldwide gross collection of ₹35.13 crores.

Critical Response of Heropanti 2 movie

Heropanti 2 movie

Heropanti 2 movie entered negative reviews from critics stating that Tiger merited better. Tanushree Roy of India Today gave the film a standing of3/5 and wrote” Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Heropanti 2 movie is a paisa vasool imitator. But, it comes with its own excrescencies”.

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film a standing of3/5 and wrote” Despite lavish product value and fantastic numbers by Tiger Shroff, HEROPANTI 2 suffers from a poor plot”.( 22) Archika Khurana of The Times of India gave the film a standing of2.5/ 5 and wrote” Heropanti 2 offers a little bit of everything — action, drama, music, love and fantastic locales”.

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A Critic from Pinkvilla gave the film a standing of1.5/ 5 and wrote” Tiger Shroff does n’t indeed try to act in thisone.It lacks everything that a “ genuine marketable film ” leave – heroism, exhilaration, love, emotion, comedy, and action.( 24) Nandini Ramnath ofScroll.in gave the film a standing of1/5

Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express gave the film a standing of1/5 and wrote” This film has no plot. It’s principally a series of set pieces featuring Tiger Shroff swaggering, seeing, and dancing when he’s not mowing down bunches of baddies”.( 26) Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave the film a standing of1/5 and wrote” This is a crash of a film erected upon a mound of absurdities that grows bigger every end nanosecond. Neither Tiger nor Nawazuddin can regain it”.


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