how to say sorry in French

How to Say sorry in French-10 Authentic Ways to Say sorry

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How to Say sorry in French or I am sorry in French


Are Looking about How to Say sorry in French? Then Your are the right place. You can learn from here how to say sorry or I’m  sorry in French many ways. The word “ sorry ” in English can be used in different ways it can be used as an reason from either yourself or on behalf of a company, or it can be used to offer condolences and sympathise with someone. In French, there are different ways to say sorry. Unfortunately, there’s no single word you use for all situations in French, like in English.

There are ways to apologise that are used more in formal situations, while others are more colloquial and should n’t be used if you are n’t formerly familiar with someone. These are different from how you would offer your condolences, some of which are also listed in this composition. How to say I ’m sorry in French? I ’ll explain in depth the main French expressions to apologize and give you some French justifications exemplifications .

How do you say ‘ I ’m sorry ’ in French? What about ‘ excuse- me ’ or ‘ please accept my justifications ’? There are numerous ways to say ‘ I ’m sorry in French ’ from expressing a polite ‘ reason- me ’ to get someone’s attention to a deep and serious reason, you ’ll have to chose your words precisely. Some French expressions look like English expressions but may not be used exactly the same way. So let’s discusses about ‘ I ’m sorry ’ French world. 


The ways of how to say sorry in French 

  • Désolé 
  • Je Suis Navré 
  • Excusez- moi
  • C’est Ma Faute 
  • Veuillez m ’ defense
  • Je Vous Demande Pardon 


Désolé  say sorry in French


 Désolé is the docked, further informal interpretation of je suis désolé. 

 As mentioned before, this word is an adjective, so it’ll change spelling slightly depending on who’s talking. If you want to learn further about how and why French adjectives change 

 Désolé can also be used if you’re out and about and impinge into someone accidentally in a crowded area. This is because it’s a short expression that can be changed without spending too important time talking. 



 How to Say I ’m Extremely Sorry in French Je Suis Navré

how to say sorry in French 

 Je suis navré is primarily used in serious circumstances, so if you’re extremely sorry, or are offering condolences about commodity veritably bad passing. 

Navré comes from the Old French word nafrer, which means “ to hurt by piercing or cutting. ” Its elaboration redounded in its present meaning “ broken- hearted, ” or “ rueful, ” which is why it’s generally used when “ je suis désolé” does not feel to be enough. 

 It’s also important to flash back that just like désolé, navré is an adjective so the spelling may change depending on who’s using it. 


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How to Say Sorry When You impinge into Someone Pardon 

 Pardon is generally used in a analogous way to désolé due to itsbrevity.However, this is one of the words that you could use to apologise, If you were to impinge into someone in a crowded road or on public transport. 

This way of saying sorry can also be used when you’re demanding someone to repeat what they’ve said because you did n’t catch it. 

 Saying amnesty when apologising should be fairly easy to flash back for English- speakers as it’s used in a analogous way to “ pardon ” in English. 


 Excusez- moi How to Get Someone’s Attention 

 Excusez- moi is another expression that you can use to apologise for hitting into someone. still, it can also be used to get someone’s attention if you’re demanding to get past them or if you’re in a eatery and trying to attract the server to you. 

In English, it’s restated to “ excuse me ”, and excusez- moi is conceivably the most well- known way to ask people to move away for you to get once in French, at least amongst English speakers who are learning French. 

If you were wanting to ask directions this would be a good way to start the discussion. For illustration, if you wanted to know how to get to the train station, you could say “ Excusez- moi de vous déranger. Savez- vous où se trouve la gare? ” which translates in English to “ Excuse me/ sorry for disturbing you. Do you know where I can find the train station? ” 

Try getting familiar with the expression Excusez- moi de vous déranger, because it means, “ Excuse me for bothering you. 

 How to Say It’s My Fault C’est Ma Faute 


Have you ever apologised and latterly claimed responsibility for whatever you’re apologising for? 

The expression c’est mama faute can be used to expand on an reason. For illustration, you would add it onto the judgment after saying je suis désolé. So, it becomes je suis désolé, c’est mama faute. 

still, it’s generally followed by a verb in the tentative tense, If you wish to expand the judgment after using c’est mama faute. For illustration, je suis désolé. C’est ma faute,j’ aurais dû faire attention( I ’m sorry. It’s my fault, I should have been paying attention). 

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 The Formal Way to Say Sorry in French Veuillez m ’ defense 


Still, in which indeed je suis désolé seems too informal, also it’s time for you to use veuillez m ’ defense, If you’re in a veritably formal situation. This expression means “ Please accept my justifications. ” 

Veuillez m ’ defense is generally used by companies if there’s a detention on your public transport and is used to apologise for any nuisances you may be facing as a result. For illustration, Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée( Please accept our justifications for the vexation caused.). 


The Way to Say Sorry in French That Can Double as a Question Je Vous Demande Pardon 


 In a analogous way to veuillez m ’ defense, je vous demande amnesty is a more formal way of simply saying amnesty. 

Je vous demande amnesty is infrequently used in everyday French, but when it is, the expression can be used as a question if you did n’t understand what someone had just said to you. 

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How to Say I ’m Sorry to Apologize 


 Be apprehensive that neither “ amnesty ” or “ excusez- moi ” count as a properapology.However, for letting down a friend or missing an appointment check out the options below, If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to apologize for a mistake at work. 

 Let’s imagine you accidentally let out the neighbor’s cat when you doused their shops during a hot Parisian summer. “ Mon dieu! ”( OMG) – You more find little “ Minou ” soon or study at least four different ways of apologizing. 


 Veuillez m ’ defense  say sorry in French


 Veuillez m ’ defense is a veritably formal expression in French for “ I ’m sorry ”. You wo n’t hear it frequently but it conveys soberness and sincerity, so you should surely know and fete it. It approximately is original to “ Would you please excuse me ” in tone and formality. 

The “ veuillez ” is actually the imperative of the verb vouloir( to want). 

 Je suis navré say sorry in French


 Now this is an expression that’s rather uncommon but worth including it in your expanding vocabulary. Je suis navré( e) does n’t restate well but expresses commodity like “ I’m devastated ” or “ I’m agonized ”. 

Did you know that France is the country with the most nobel prize for literature winners? “ Je suis navré( e) ” is evidence that the French like to use big words. 

You can also use “ je suis navré( e) to express your empathy and compassion towards another person. 

How to Say I ’m Sorry to Give Your Condolences 


 Expressing your condolences to someone who’s grieving is noway easy, but we’ve the right words for you. Let’s stopgap you wo n’t ever have to use any of the following expressions. 


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