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The Right Way to Measure Your Bra Size for Sagging Breasts 2022

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The Right Way to Measure Your Bra Size for Sagging Breasts

So you’ve finally decided to buy new bras, but you can’t seem to find ones that fit right and you want to know that how to Measure Your Bra Size? You may think your bra size has changed since going through menopause, but this isn’t the case.

Your bra size may not be what it used to be, but measuring yourself properly will ensure you find the right one. Measure your bust just below your breasts, making sure to wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your chest and keeping it parallel to the floor as you do so. Today I talk about The Right Way to measure your bra Size.

Use a Soft Tape Measure Your Bra Size

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a soft measuring tape. You can use one that’s made of cloth or one that’s made of paper—it doesn’t matter, but make sure it has a boxy shape. (If you have an old-school metal one lying around, don’t worry—you can still make it work.) The tape should be as long as possible and easy to hold in your hand.

To measure your bust size, put the end of your measuring tape under each breast, bringing it up and around your back. It should wrap around both breasts simultaneously so there isn’t any space between them—if there is space between them, measure again until they touch.

Wear a Properly Fitted Bra to Measure Your Bra Size

measure bra size

There’s a good chance you don’t know your correct bra size—most women are wearing bras that are too big in both band and cup. To make sure your bra is providing adequate support, check out The Cambridge Guide to Bras, which outlines how to correctly measure a bra.

Remember, once you determine your correct size, it’s important not to wear an ill-fitting bra for long periods of time because it can cause sagging breasts. Instead, wear a properly fitted bra on a daily basis and take at least one day off from wearing a bra each week so that skin can recover and stretch marks won’t become permanent.

Get an Accurate Number of Inches Around Your Bust

Make sure you’re getting an accurate number of inches around your bust. When measuring, make sure it’s level across back and under arms. To get an even better measurement, try a bra sizing set that also tells you what size bra to buy (or use our handy tool above).  for Whitening Your skin use this awesome cream

The most common mistake when figuring out how to measure bra size is not making sure you get enough inches (and not just around your chest, but under your arms as well). Don’t skip on either one because doing so will mess up your bra fit down the line.

Know Where to Take the Measurement

When it comes to measuring your bra size, there are three key points you need to know: where you’re taking each measurement, how tightly you’re holding onto each end of your tape measure, and what number corresponds with a certain amount of inches.

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Once you know these facts, determining your correct bra size becomes quick and easy. Below is a detailed explanation of how to measure for all three styles we offer at Live Fully Loved—and if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask!

Know What Numbers to Look For in Store Labels

The first step in knowing how to measure bra size for sagging breasts is understanding how those numbers on a label translate into your chest. Manufacturers use their own system of grading and sizing, so you’ll need to learn that system before going shopping.

While not every country uses these labels, American women can look out for tags that list small (32A/AA), medium (34B/C), large (36D), extra-large (38DD) and extra-extra-large (40DDD). If you see two or more rows of numbers with slash marks between them, those are most likely European sizes. In that case, 34 is considered large while 38 is a small or A cup and 40 is an extra-small or A cup.

Check Out Our Bra Guide Here to Measure Your Bra Size

If you’re still finding that your bras are too tight or too loose and don’t know what exactly your bra size and want to know more about how to Measure Your Bra Size, then it may be time to give yourself a checkup! After all, there’s a big difference between choosing the right size and simply guessing. Our guide can help you figure out whether your bras are fitting correctly finally you know how to measure your bra size . 

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You’ll find tips on how to measure bra size at home and advice on what factors might affect your band or cup size. Once you know your measurements, use our tips on how to find better-fitting bras that provide more support throughout your day! It’s important not only for comfort but also for health—find out why measuring bra size is so vital here. measure your bra size


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